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The Shredder and Shredder 7″ FPV Frame from Mode 2.

“There is only one thing next… fly!”

*Please note, this frame is made specifically for Micro/Mini cameras.  Select your desired 3D printed camera cage before checkout.
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Mode 2 Flux Flight Controller

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Just the sky.  And, if you’re taking to the skies, you’re going to need a flight controller.

  • Supported by multiple open source flight controller software programs including Pegasus and Butterflight.
  • Real 32khz processing with no overclocking.
  • IMU-F discrete filtered gyroscope independent of the flight controller processor.
  • Helio Pixie Dust.
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The Kilowatt 3″ FPV Quadcopter Frame from Mode 2

3″.  30g.  3x the fun.

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Ghost 2


The Ghost V2 FPV Racing Frame from Mode 2

“Wickedly weightless.  Frighteningly fast.  Scary small.”

  • V2 arms are backwards compatible with the V1 frame, and vice versa.
  • V1 and V2 top and bottom plates are not backwards compatible. 
  • This frame is made specifically for all Micro cameras and some mini cameras.   Please be aware there may be fitment issues with some Foxeer mini cameras.


  •   4″ – 60g
  •   5″ – 65g
  •   6″ – 70g
  •   7″ – 75g

The supplied stack hardware adds an additional 10g.

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Ghost 2 – Replacement Arms


Need replacement arms for your Ghost 2 fpv frame? Here you go! Includes one boomerang arm, (effectively x2 arms), for your Ghost 2. Includes 4″, 5″, 6″ and 7″!

These replacement arms for the Ghost 2 frame are 5mm thick, chamfered, and feature a 3K carbon weave with a boomerang configuration and adaptive motor crush-tips. These arms will also fit the original Ghost V1 bottom plate.

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Mode 2 is a professional FPV quadcopter parts manufacturer and supplier.  We are focused on engineering, designing, and developing expertly crafted FPV racing quadcopter frames,  drone motors, quadcopter parts, drone accessories, hardware and more.  We believe in, and strive for, advancing technology and pushing the envelope when it comes to FPV racing and unmanned flight.

Some people are born to fly.  Get ready to fly with Mode 2™.