Mode 2 Ghost – V1

The frame that revolutionized FPV racing, and inspired heavily by the original Hyperlite Floss.

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Mode 2 Ghost – V2

The best racing frame in the world got even better with key changes that addressed the V1’s design flaws. 

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Mode 2 Ghost – V3

Redesigned from the ground up, the Ghost V3 was to be our final answer to the Ghost line of FPV racing frames.

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Mode 2 INterceptor

One of our very first concepts, this frame was made to be a proverbial tank.  It proved to be basically indestructible. 

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Mode 2 Shredder

As well as our original 5″ freestyle replacement to the Interceptor, the Mode 2 Shredder 7″ helped to popularize the 7″ long range frame segment.

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Mode 2 Shredder II

The Shredder V2 was released in an additional 10″ size which helped popularize longer range 10″ FPV flight. 

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Mode 2 Kilowatt

 This 3″ frame was our answer to the previously poorly conceived 3″ frames on the market.

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Mode 2 Splinter

Great things come in small packages, and the Mode 2 splinter was designed to be a carbon fiber upgrade for the Tiny Whoop class of FPV drones.

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Mode 2 MAX – V1 ALPHA

Our offering to the X Class Racing Segment, Max is a 1000mm mega class racing drone frame that was designed to allow the community access to a well designed X Class frame while minimizing the barrier for entry into X Class racing.

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