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Since 2017, Mode 2 has been focused on quality, reliability, and also advancing the field of technology with remote flight and UAV’s.

We are parlaying our vast knowledge and understanding of the FPV industry into developing aerial surveillance and reconnaissance platforms. 

Our primary goal is on advancing those platforms in unmanned flight used in search and rescue, aerial reconnaissance and more.  With that, you will expect to find most of our solutions fall within those categories.



What do we believe in?  What do we strive for? 


Our core focus is to design well made air frames and platforms for the commercial industry that are cost effective, reduce waste



Knowledge is power, and Open Source helps foster innovation.  We release all of our FPV air frames as Open Source under the GPL V3.

We aim to assist first responders, law enforcement, and the like in aerial reconnaissance and surveillance by providing custom platforms and solutions to help fit niche markets and case specific needs.