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At Mode 2 we are focused on quality, reliability, and also advancing the field of technology with FPV drones.

Our primary goal is a focus on advancing the technology behind unmanned flight.  With that, you will expect to find most of our products and solutions fall within those categories.

We don’t want to be your typical FPV superstore.  We want to be where you go when you want quality.



What do we believe in?  What do we strive for? 


Our core focus is to design well made air frames for the FPV and commercial industries that are cost effective and reduce waste.



We believe in promoting our solutions, rather than faces. Promoting faces inflates costs and creates elitism. This only serves to facilitate a class divide.

Knowledge is power, and Open Source helps foster innovation.  All our FPV air frames are released as Open Source 2 years after their initial release date.


Support the hobby in more ways than one. We support freestyle, racing, and aerial cinematography alike.